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“Home Watch is defined as a visual inspection of a home or property, looking for obvious issues.” 

Stacy Sanchez

Home Watch Manager for Breckenridge Home Watch

Stacy Sanchez

Breckenridge Home Watch is a second home specialist offering property services designed for owners who can’t be at this property all the time and need “boots on the ground” for property checks and vendor assistance.

My job is your peace of mind. You deserve it. Your home deserves an exceptional property service that will help MAINTAIN the home as you like it. I will help PROTECT your investment with frequent visits and will provide insight and planning suggestions to IMPROVE the property.

I have lived in Breckenridge since 1996 and have worked for luxury vacation rental companies as an Operations Manager (Paragon Lodging) and Invited Home, as well as an HOA Manager for the Blue River Property Management, overseeing multiple buildings in the heart of downtown Breckenridge.

My background has allowed me to develop the skills needed to properly evaluate properties and documents for record keeping. This experience and today’s technology allows owners to maintain, protect and improve their investments. I look forward to helping you with yours.

Read the FAQs below for more information and be sure to use the comment box to start a conversation about what your family needs to maintain your property.

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Breckenridge, Colorado

Living in Breckenridge since 1996

Second homes are an important asset to manage and having the right person to coordinate as needed is a crucial element to the success and longevity of your investment. Below are the lists of possible services available for homeowners. My approach to property services comes from the experience listed above and the mindset of being proactive and planning ahead as much as possible. Breckenridge Home Watch will customize home watch checklists to ensure the required attention and care is given to each property.


Vendor Monitoring

Property Checks

Key Holder


Want to know how the project is going?  I'll document the process and communicate along the way.

Protect your home with frequent visits to ensure your home is warm and secure.

Need a local to provide access?  I can meet friends, family members or other parties that need assistance.

With close to thirty years in the area, I"m able to recommend with confidence and experience.  

Work With Me

Thanks for considering Breckenridge Home Watch. I look forward to providing the best service for your investment. I am working with the NHWA which is the only accreditation organization that is specializing in this sector and includes mandating background checks, insurance, and bonding as well as ongoing training and best practices for its members. I am investing in myself to supply the market with a top-tier opportunity.


Breckenridge Home Watch - Second Home Inspection and Security Check

Contact Information

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Feel free to call with questions 970-547-2936

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